About the Author

Ian Scott was educated in Zimbabwe and the University of Natal before joining the military in 1975. Commissioned initially into the RLI parachute battalion, he then went on to serve as a Captain in the elite Selous Scouts.


In 1980 he moved to South Africa where he  was appointed Adjutant of a Special Forces Recce Battalion.

He returned to civilian life in 1983 and was recruited by a large international firm of Employee Benefits Consultants, ultimately serving as a National Director.

After a successful 15 year corporate career, he established his own leadership consultancy in 1999,


He is now a popular international speaker and runs team-building events, offering deep management insights based on a unique combination of boardroom and bush warfare experience.


Operational in a number of countries Scott gained invaluable insight into the leadership and motivation of soldiers of all races, earning the respect and trust of those in various Special Forces units.