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Very occasionally, VERY occasionally - you come across a book that includes humorous anecdotal excerpts of the life, of a war that was fought, and yet manages to translate that period of history into the here and now - the lessons we learnt [or SHOULD have learnt!], the defining of our lives and our attitudes to fellow human beings, and how we should lead ourselves before we hope to assume a leadership role with others.....that book is The Captain's Journey by Ian Scott - I unreservedly recommend this book to all - the one man businesses, the corporate climbers - to those struggling with the daily adjustments life brings at pace.

It embraces, life 'then and now' with valuable lessons that none of us are ever too old to learn, or at least, re-fashion into our current lives.


Well done Scott - you've done yourself and all of us..proud. Salute.



I have received your book, and read it already. What a wonderful record of your “ Journey” you have put together. I can only say that it was a privilege to have operated with you, and I must add that when I think about what we achieved at such a young age, under difficult circumstances, I can understand why so many of us have made it in the civvy world. 


I will be sending  the copy you sent me to my son, who is GM of Johnex in Australia, to enlighten him,( which I am certain will happen)  because it contains so many pearls of wisdom and great pointers for leadership, and hopefully it will help to develop him into a great CEO.



I have just finished reading 'The Captain's Journey' and found it to be a wonderful and most informative read! Sadly the people that most need to read this type of book just never do and as such are that much poorer because of this.


What obviously makes your book stand out from the others that I have read are the analogies that you describe with regards your military experiences that so well illustrate the points that you are making.


I would love to meet you sometime and trust that this might be of interest to you as well.


Kind regards,



Thank you for “The Captain’s Journey”  and a rollicking read it is too.  There is  much within the pages that illustrate so many areas of my own life which perhaps in hindsight I could have or should have changed. At my age I am now in a position where I must, and will make a quantum shift in my life’s course and hopefully The Captain’s Journey will provide the route map.


I have only the greatest admiration for you fellows who took up the challenge and decided to tough it out in a war that you could never win. I will keep the book beside me as it has sharpened my resolve and reminded me that my life has actually been good yet there is much that I must still do.


Good luck and thank you once again for “The Captain’s Journey”.




Hi - have just placed an order for two more copies of the book.

Trust sales going well – it’s definitely value for money and a great read with some strong life messages


Have decided am making them mandatory reading by friends and relatives - especially nephews who need a good kick up the ..... I thoroughly enjoyed it




Just finished reading the book, well done and a great read and the balance between your military experience and the leadership lessons is great!!


There are many books out there on leadership, yours is one of the best examples of the ‘how’ and not page after page of theory, it takes a lot to write a book and to get it down in such a cohesive manner is a job well done!


I commend you on what you have achieved both in both your military as well as your business life and the qualification it gives you to write and teach the leadership lessons that are so valuable in business and life today


You deserve the recognition for a job well done!!



Thank you, got the book, which I found an excellent read. I work for an International company (USA) here in Brisbane and attend many strategic and operational training sessions. Often though they have no real "colour" to them - we use the phrase vanilla here. Examples and anecdotes are straight out of management textbooks. Your book brings reality to management in a frank but not brutal way.


I really enjoyed the way your book is written, referencing back to your military days.

I will certainly share the book with my mates, and recommend they get it.

Congrats again on the book


Keep well