The Book

“This book is an excellent read! Through a series of emotional, humorous and thought provoking events, it imparts wonderful insights into practical leadership.

An inspirational account of the author’s personal journey and his zest for life and people”.

Ian Macfarlane, B.Com, MBA, M.Phil

Managing Director : StrateGetic Consultants

General David Petraeus, the man in charge of US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan explained :-

“Tell me anywhere in the business world where a 22 year old is responsible for 40 other individuals on missions that involve life and death. Their tactical actions can have strategic implications for the overall mission. And they are under enormous scrutiny on top of everything else. These are pretty formative experiences. It's a bit of a crucible like experience that they go through”.

This is one of those examples of a journey, by someone who has done it!

The author takes you through a series of events... some of them hilarious, others tragic, but each gives an insight into the all-round development of a successful leader.


Who is this book for?

  • Anybody with a sense of humour (and into authentic action stories).

  • Those who want to get ahead in life –how to develop yourself and your leadership abilities.

  • Youngsters starting out who want to hone their skills and go forward.

  • The older generation who want to get out of the rut and learn new tricks.

  • A present for your boss.........